Produced by Bjørn Nilsen, Ottar Johansen and Arne Benoni


Recorded at Snaxville Studio, WH Studio, Omni Sound Studios, Arne Benoni Production Studio, Tyrirot Studio, Haltbrekkleret Studio


Engineered by Michael Walter, Henrik Maarud, Ernst Nikolaisen, Roar Øien, Arne Benoni, Arild Vårvik


Mixed by Ernst Nikolaisen at WH Studio, except; 8 by Roar Øien.


Mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master Studios, Nashville, TN.


© 2016 New Cut Music



1. The Life And Times Of A Singing Cowboy 3:12

            (Nilsen /Johansen) New Cut Music

2. You Make Me Shine 4:12

            (Johansen / Church / Nilsen) New Cut Music /

            NonSociety (BMI)

3. Lucky 3:42

            (Nilsen / Church / Johansen) NonSociety

            (BMI) / New Cut Music

4. Arctic Blood 4:14

            (Nilsen / Steel / Johansen) Steelworks /

             New Cut Music

5. North Atlantic Blues 3:01

            (Hill / Johansen / Nilsen) New Cut Music /

             Rambler American Music

            (ASCAP) / DHM Admin.

6. Some Lucky Stardust 2:47

            (Sun / Moyer) Fruit Jar Music (BMI) / Gros

             Ventre Music (BMI)

7. Wreck Of Elvis’ Cadillac 2:44

            (Finnigan / Nilsen) New Cut Music

8. Laughter Of Maria 4:07

            (Johansen / Nilsen) New Cut Music

9. The Porch Light Is Burning 3:29

            (Benoni / Loeser / Pierce) Strawboss Music


10. Good Ol’ Boys 3:06

            (Jennings) Rich Way Music inc. (BMI) /

             Warner – Tamerlane   Publishing Comp (BMI)




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1. Long Stretch of Freedom 3:33 (Nilsen / Church / Johansen)


Produced by Ernst Nikolaisen, Bjørn Nilsen & Big Hand

Mastered by Amy Marie at Yes Master, Nashville, TN



© 2016 New Cut Music



1. Princess of the Night 3:56

(Saxon: Quinn, Oliver, Gill, Dawson, Byford)

As performed live on the TV-program Trygdekontoret on NRK1


Produced by Ottar ”Big Hand” Johansen & Bjørn Nilsen

Band: Roar Øien, Bjørn Nilsen, Ernst Nikolaisen, Tore Kneppen &
Finn Håkon Werner Borgi


Mix: Johan Kapelrud

Mastering: Kjell Birkeland



© 2016 New Cut Music

1. Starting All Over Again 3:46 (Johansen / Steel / Nilsen)


2. The Outlaws 3:42 (Johansen / Steel / Nilsen)

     feat. Casino Steel & Joe Sun


3. Gods Own Sailor 3:29 (Johansen / Nilsen)

    Produced by Big Hand and Sugarfoot. feat. Sugarfoot


4. Honky Tonks We’ve Known 3:09 (Troiani/Høye /Johannessen/

    Pettersen) Produced by Big Hand and Billy T Band.

    feat. Billy T Band & Bill Booth


5. I Can See Arkansas 4:03 (Nihan / Newton) Mighty Nice Music


    Bluewater Music Scandinavia / Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)


6. Follow My Dream 4:12 (Johansen / Scott) feat. Claudia Scott


7. Just Like In The 50´s 3:33 (Johansen / Andersen / Hill)

     Produced by Big Hand. feat. A11 & Malin Pettersen


8. It Took You Away 2:46 (Johansen / Andersen / Hill)


9. Son Of The Mountain 3:46 (Johansen / Scott / Nilsen)

    feat. Too Far Gone


10. Carry On 4:46 (Hill / Cosner / Kenny) Byron Hill Music (ASCAP) /

      Triage Music Inc. (BMI) / P M K Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

      feat. Joe Sun, Casino Steel & Claudia Scott


All songs published by New Cut Music, except where noted.

Produced by Ottar ”Big Hand” Johansen and Bjørn Nilsen, except where noted. Co-producer: Knut Hem.

© 2015 New Cut Music

Markedsført med støtte fra Fond for lyd og bilde / Kulturrådet



1. Red Mountain Christmas 3:12 (Johansen / Sun / Nilsen)


Produced by Ottar ”Big Hand” Johansen and Bjørn Nilsen

Co-producer: Knut Hem


Ottar "Big Hand" Johansen - vocals

Bjørn Nilsen - guitars, bass, harmonica

Knut Hem - drums, dobro, piano


Cover by Gunnar Knutsen/Tumblewine Films

© 2015 New Cut Music


1. Starting All Over Again 3:46 (Johansen / Steel / Nilsen)


Produced by Ottar ”Big Hand” Johansen and Bjørn Nilsen

Co-producer: Knut Hem

© 2015 New Cut Music





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